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Flying Scholarships for the Disabled is the reason behind the record setting flight

A well established UK charity, Flying Scholarships for the Disabled (FSD), has inspired sister charities in a number of countries worldwide. In the USA a 501 (c)3 charity has recently been formed to continue the good work of FSD in the world’s largest aviation market

Flying Scholarships for the Disabled is a charity dedicated to helping disabled people to discover their true potential through the mental and physical stimulation of learning to fly a light aircraft. The challenges they face and overcome will enable them to find new confidence and self esteem in rising above their own personal life difficulties and help them view the future with greater self assurance


In 1983 Paul Bowen and Tim Prince, on behalf of the Royal International Air Tattoo, inaugurated Flying Scholarships for the Disabled to perpetuate the indomitable spirit of air ace Group Captain Sir Douglas Bader. After losing both legs in an accident, Sir Douglas persisted in his efforts against all odds to resume his flying career with the Royal Air Force. He went on to achieve fame in World War II as a fighter pilot and gifted leader and pursued his talent for flying into a long and successful civilian career.

Sir Douglas was a dedicated supporter of disabled people to whom he set a great example of courage and determination. He personally devoted much time to encouraging countless people to come to terms with their physical disabilities.

From 1976, until his death in 1982, he was President of The Royal International Air Tattoo and was an inspiration to the many volunteers committed to raising funds for the relief of hardship and distress amongst past and present members of the Royal Air Force and their dependents.

Perhaps the best way to appreciate the benefits provided by FSD is to view their Video

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Pilot Steve Wood has been a long time supporter of flying for the disabled, disadvantaged and special needs children, and has arranged free flights for well over 1000 such children in the England and Florida. It is with great pride that he is looking forward to the opportunity to promote Flying Scholarships for the Disabled during his record setting Four Corners Flight America.


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