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The Route

The route flown had to be changed a number of times before the start due to severe weather and the final route flown was:

Day 1 - 7FL6 - Spruce Creek, Daytona Beach FL to KEYW - Key West FL.

This was the first of the ‘four corners’ airports to be visited.

Then from KEYW back to 7FL6

Day 2 - 7FL6 - Spruce Creek, FL to KLBB Lubbock, TX - a long, long day

Day 3 - KLBB Lubbock, TX to KSDM Brown Field San Diego, CA - the second of the ‘four corners’ airports.

Day 4 - KMYF Montgomery Field, San Diego, CA to KBLI Bellingham, WA - the third of the 'four corners' airports.

Airports / cities visited during the day to set 12 individual world speed records on the 'west coats' included Santa Ana CA, Los Angeles CA, Burbank CA, Van Nuys CA, San Jose CA, San Francisco CA, Sacramento CA, Chico CA, Medford OR, Portland OR, Seattle WA and CYPK Pitts Meadows / Vancouver BC in Canada which was the finish point in Canada for the 'west coast' records..

Day 5 - KBLI Bellingham, WA to KDLH Duluth International, MN.

Airports / cities visited during the day included CYNJ Langley / Vancouver, BC and KPAE Everett / Seattle, WA as the starting points for the two international transcontinental world speed records, and a Vancouver to Duluth record.

Day 6 - KDLH Duluth International, MN to KBGR, Bangor International, ME - the final of the 'four corners' airports.

Airports / cities visited during the day for individual world speed records included CYOW Ottawa ON, CYUL Montreal QC, and CYHZ Halifax NS in Canada. Bangor and Halifax being the finishing points for the two transcontinental speed records.

Day 7 - a repositioning flight to KHOC Hillsboro, OH ready for the final day of record setting, including a flight over Niagara Falls.

During this flight Steve flew again the world's shortest city to city speed record from Detroit, MI in the USA to Windsor ON in Canada - a 'city to city' distance of 0.23 n/miles. Steve had provisionally set this record back in May 2007 but the FAI required different check points to be used in order to meet an obscure rule in the Sporting Code!

Day 8 - KHOC, Hillsboro OH to 7FL6, Spruce Creek, Daytona Beach FL.

Seven international world speed records were provisionally set, first flying north to KDAY Dayton OH then to CYXU London in Canada, and onwards to KCLE Cleveland and KOSU Columbus, both in OH. Back again to Hillsboro to refuel then south to KTYS Knoxville TN and KPDK Atlanta GA.